Lync Phone firmware Repository

A special post this time as I will update it as often as possible to add new device firmware location. How to upgrade can be found after the firmware list.

Manufacturer(s) Phone(s) Last checked Last updated Link
Aastra 6721ip
10/17/11 07/26/11
Polycom CX700 Tanjai 10/17/11 07/26/11
Polycom CX500
10/17/11 07/26/11

* 10/17/11 added polycom after some testing

How to upgrade

1. Download the package on the Lync Front-End.

2. Launch the .exe and extract the cab file in a local directory (no need to be a file share)

3. From your Lync Management Shell use Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity service:WebServer:<LyncFQDN> -FileName <Cab File>, for example I used:

Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity -FileName C:\temp\

4. Check the result in Lync control panel (Clients > Device Update)

5. Now its time to push the update to the device, so lets go to Clients > Test Device > New > Global Test Device and configure it by MAC address.

Don’t forget to Commit 😉

6. Wait 10 minutes for the phone to check for update (Idle Time) or go to lunch/take a coffee.. there is no way to reduce that timer.

7. Once tested and validated, return to the Clients > Device Update, select the approved update and do Action > Approve. Previous version will automatically be changed to « Restore Version ».

Added Notes: Polycom CX700 and LG-Nortel IP Phone 8540 TANJAI phones

Just to warn everybody again about the « strange » behavior of those phones: If they don’t update at all, its maybe because you are working on the secondary BIOS chipped in those phones.

When you try and fail to update those phone, just reset it five time in a row (wait for the phone to ask you about your loggin information each time) and it will change the active BIOS. One of the two BIOS can’t be updated, and sometime the phone is delivered at your office with this firmware « active ».

So update the phone before putting them on the end user desk, it will save you many time.


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