Empower your Lync

Microsoft have published a set of 8 tools for enhancing your Lync infrastructure.

I will not discuss about all of them, but three of them may prove to be usefull for just everyone in your organisation. And the more usefull they think Lync is, the more they will be pleased by your work!

Conversation translator : Write in your language and send with your contact language. Even if translation are provided « as is », it’s still a good way to be understood in a multilanguage environment

Information Dashboard: Set a location for your contact once, and collect forecast, feeds and other informations about what’s happening there each time an IM/Call is started with this contact.

Tabbed Conversations: You love IE8/IE9 tabbed design and you have a lot of overlapping IM Windows? With this tool you will have multiple conversation pane instead of filling your desktop with IM.


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